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Naeema’s experience has allowed other women to have a second opportunity to access to education

Naeema is the oldest and only girl of her three brothers. Traditionally, she would stay at home doing housework until she got married, until ActionAid International —an organization with whom Ayuda en Acción works in Asia and Africa— and other associations, like Shadabad Organization for Welfare, built a school for girls 5 years ago.
The town of Dodo Brihmani, in the Southwest of the country, only had a public school for men. Naeema’s father never wanted her daughter to study, but her mother insisted her to go. “When I was chosen as one of the girls to go to that school, my father protested before the Committee because I was the only girl in the family and I had to help at home, going to get water and feeding the animals”, says Naeema.
After several minutes of intense debate, a person in the Committee asked me: “Do you want to go to school?” and I said “yes”. My father couldn’t say anything else.
Naeema’s experience has allowed other women to have a second opportunity to access to education.
More independence. The idea of not wanting to depend on anybody to learn how to read or write motivated her to break the traditional barriers. Now, Naeema has two very important missions: promote education and protect women’s rights in her community. Naeema tries to visit all the houses in her community to convince parents and children of the value of education, especially for girls.
The results are on the table: the matriculation in the school has increased a 50% alter its first year of activity. Naeema has convinced a lot of friends who didn’t have the chance to go to school when they were young. This way, thanks to education circles for adults, women have a second opportunity to learn to read and write.

SETEM presents the file 'El Comercio Justo en España 2006' (“Fair trade in Spain 2006”)

Federación SETEM presented on the 19th October, 2006, in the Sala Manuel de Falla, in the facilities of SGAE-Sociedad General de Autores y Editores in Madrid, the yearbook “El Comercio Justo en España 2006” (Icaria Editorial), where they have announced the trend of the fair trade in the last 5 years in Spain, the situation of the certification of these products in our country and the effects of this useful development tool for the producers and cooperatives of southern countries.

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