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“Life is a box of chocolate you never know what you might get” Forrest Gump
All RUW products are exclusive and have different patterns. They are manufactured according to aesthetic guidelines that comply with the latest fashion.

50 x 40 cm.
With this recycled bag you have no excuse not to live in a healthy way in the city. Do sports and take your clothes and your shoes in this bag of medium size, with handles and strap carry or hang, as you prefer. Inside and outside astound your friends with this fun bag that allow you to use it to go to the beach, hiking ...

33 x 46 x 8 cm.
Elegant computer recycled handbag equipped with handles and shoulder strap to cross. Its minimalist design and printing, make it one of the most elegant of the collection. Specially designed for modern people, caring and socially responsible. The consumer sees in it a bold fashion bet and sophisticated, fully prepared for everyday use.
Made with recycled upholstery remnants and perfectly patterned waterproof padded inside hides all sorts of compartments to keep the order always and everywhere.

28 x 24 x 9 cm.
Multifunctional recycled bag for the woman of today who need to keep everything in order, without giving a large capacity. This bag has a large outside pocket to locate your MP3. The finish is varying rhythmically denim thanks to the artistic hand-painted motifs.

25 x 26 cm.
With it rounded shapes and warm pattern, this recycled bag has become a classic of our brand. Its cheerful pattern will identify you as always cheerful and exquisite, who knows how to dress in a sustainable manner without sacrificing looks more extreme.
Made with scraps of advertising posters and acrylic fabrics.

29 x 25 cm.
Unisex strap with two handles with applets that give a touch of distinction keeping cool and casual touch of such recycled bags. The flap is made from publicitary banners and the body of recycled fabrics, so you can look harmonious patterns in different materials. The Color 48 will become your ideal companion to go with friends, to school or hiking in winter or summer, because it adapts to any occasion, maintaining the character of this "other way of thinking”. You know, RUW, Recycle Your Ideas.

24 x 25 cm.
RUW recycled bag for real people, and distinguished by their attitudes. For those who want to uncheck the monotony. With an external pocket for your MP3. With exterior pockets for phone, ... and with lots of interior accessories. Differentiate all and be yourself.
Made from acrylic fabric scraps and advertising.

28 x 26 cm.
Shoulder recycled bag to hang on with a spacious and compact design. Cubist style, and manufactured with various scraps of fabrics from different textures, is designed for the person how are looking for distinctive purse, fast, simple and versatile for every day of the city.

31 x 25 cm.
Comfortable and unisex shoulder recycled bag from small size and minimalist forms. Scrap of patterned fabrics combined with dual-toned color white, black, cream, gray and black with recycled denim patchwork. The result: a balanced and elegant bag that is based on the simplicity of its shapes.

27 x 29 cm.
Inspired by the modernist aesthetic of Toulouse-Lautrec, this new piece of the designer and the brand's founder Jose Luis Lopez is to stress the philosophy of RUW. Dress fashion can be synonymous with being supportive.
This recycled bag explains that "there may be a home without children. But a child can not live without it. "
With seminobles fabrics from recycled and scraps from the work of María Dolors Villadelprat, it has been developed for those who believe in this principle and want to show it, taking it hung.
We express to working with Aldeas Infantiles SOS. But you can do too.

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